Your quilt top will be returned to you in the same condition that it was received; so, if the top wasn't square when you brought it, it may not lay flat when it is quilted.  If the borders were ruffled, then there may be fullness or tucks in your finished quilt top.  Take the time with your quilt back as you did with your top to ensure a successful project.

What is my greatest quilting challenge?? Quilt backs that are not square.


My blog has a tutorial on how to make a Seamed Quilt Back

I have some measurements on what size of quilt back you end up with with you make the Seamed Quilt Back that is on my blog.  These are estimates only:

2 meters of fabric                     40" X 87" inches

3 meters of fabric                     64" X 87" inches

4 meters of fabric                     78 " X 84" inches

4.5 meters of fabric                 87" X 91 inches

5 meters of fabric                     90" X 94" inches

6 meters of fabric                     86" X 127" inches

A meter of fabric is 39.5" X WOF (which is usually 42"-44")

Preparing your quilt top for quilting:

Preparing your quilt back and batting:




Take three measurements, with your top facing you:

Side to side, at the top,

Side to side at the middle

Side to side atthe bottom

Divide by three and this is the measurement of the side borders.

To attach the borders, divide the border in half and match to the middle of the side, pin from the middle out and sew.

Repeat this process with the top and bottom of the quilt.