To determine the charge for your quilt:  Width (in inches) X Length (in inches) X per square inch charge

Taxes are extra

"Get it Done Quick"  Large meander(stipple), one color thread,  No other discount given.  Backing & batting  must be square and cut to size, or further charges apply (see below)

Allover quilting design & one color thread. (stars & loops, leaves, feathers and flowers, flowers, hearts, rose stipple, curlies, etc.)

Edge to Edge  Pantograph quilting, one color thread.

Border Charge, different design in borders, may have to turn quilt - add the following amount to charge.

Minimum Charge





Charge per Square Inch




$10.00 -$20.00

*Prices subject to change without notice

Thread color change within the quilt is an additional charge of $10.00 per change. Charge to piece backing: $10.00 for Crib and Twin, $20.00 for all other sizes Charge to press and square backing: $10.00 Application of binding: $.12/square inch Hanging Sleeve: $10 - $25.00

Interpretive, custom quilting available for an additional charge. Generally a custom design will cost between 1.5 and 2.5X the above allover design rate.

What is a custom design? single block design with separate borders, or sashings or extra borders,etc. Please see my customer quilt pagesfor many examples of custom quilting.

**Discount may be available for "quilter's choice" quilting.** This means that if you let me try out a new design on your quilt, I may offer you a discount.


Thread: You may choose from plain or varigated cotton thread. I use quality Signature Cotton Thread and Wonderfil Cotton thread in the top and bobbin. I also have an extensive selection of rayon and metallic threads in plain and varigated colors.

The price of your quilt includes thread - there is no extra thread charge unless there are thread color changes within the quilt.


 Please see my Quilt Preparation page for further information