I offer "pro bono" quilting services to qualified charitable organizations in Vernon, BC and the  the surrounding areas of the Okanagan.

If you are a charitable organization that may require long arm quilting services please contact me.  Please bear in mind that the item(s) to be quilted have to fit into my schedule and that the style of quilting and thread  will be my choice.  If you would like a specific style of quilting and thread a discount can be offered.  The organization is responsible for providing a suitable back and suitable quilt batting.  I reserve the right to decline jobs that do not have a suitable back and batting.  

 I would appreciate "Requiem Quilting" being credited on the quilt label.

In 2011 I quilted several quilts for the victims of the Slave Lake Fire Disaster.  Below are some pictures of some of the charity quilting that I completed.

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